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Welcome to PSAL, Drexel University's Privacy, Security, and Automation Laboratory.

We research topics at the intersection between artificial intelligence, privacy and security, and human-computer interaction.

Check out the navigation sidebar for some basic information about who we are and what we are working on.

PI : Rachel Greenstadt (greenie at cs dot drexel dot edu)

Authorship Recognition Study - Participants Needed

Authorship Recognition Study Web Form

This should take between 30 to 50 minutes of your time. The goals of this research are to discover how well current methods of authorship recognition perform when faced with with human adversaries who are deliberately trying to circumvent them, and to develop that can be used to study both future methods of authorship recognition and methods of circumventing them. A corpus of the results will be released to the public to help all researchers. Thanks for your help.

Recent News

  • We have released our first adversarial stylometry corpus. It contains 12 of the 15 authors who made up the corpus used in "Practical Attacks Against Authorship Recognition Techniques." If you use this corpus in your research, please cite:
Michael Brennan and Rachel Greenstadt. Practical Attacks Against Authorship Recognition Techniques in Proceedings of the Twenty-First Conference on Innovative Applications of Artificial Intelligence (IAAI), Pasadena, California, July 2009.
  • Rachel Greenstadt will be participating in the 2010 Workshop on Security and Human Behavior (speaking on community filtering in online communities) June 28-29.
  • Rachel Greenstadt will be speaking at Future Challenges of Network Security (FNCS) in Prague on June 23 on Mixed Initiative Security Agents.
  • Rachel Greenstadt and Michael Brennan have a poster at AAMAS on the Thursday, May 13 session (B-39). Come ask us questions about "Using Machine Learning to Augment Collaborative Filtering of Community Discussions"
  • Michael Brennan passed his candidacy exam on "Current Trends and New Directions in Stylometry." He is now PSAL's first Ph.D. candidate.
  • Rachel Greenstadt is offering a new graduate level course on security. CS 645 will be offered Wednesday evenings and online.
  • Sadia Afroz was selected to present her anti-phishing research in the ACM Student Research Competition at the Grace Hopper conference. tech report.
  • Michael Brennan and Rachel Greenstadt's IAAI paper on foiling authorship recognition techniques [pdf] was featured in the New Scientist.