Michael Brennan

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: CV / Personal Page (updated more frequently)


Michael is a PhD candidate in the Computer Science Department at Drexel University in Philadelphia. He is also a technologist for the Division of Privacy and Identity Protection at the Federal Trade Commission.

Michael is currently working with my advisor Rachel Greenstadt in the Privacy, Securlty and Automation Lab (PSAL). Currently we are working on stylometry (authorship recognition) and it's applications in artificial intelligence and security. We are specifically looking at methods of attacking stylometric systems, the potential threat authorship recognition poses to privacy and anonymity, and the mitigation of this threat through such attacks. We are also working on using AI to automatically replicate peer-reviewed trust metrics, such as the comment rating systems found on popular websites like Slashdot and YouTube. He has also worked with Frank Lee on experimental educational gaming.


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  • "Adversarial Stylometry: Attacking Authorship Recognition to Preserve Privacy and Anonymity"
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  • "Twitter, Slashdot, Imitation, Obfuscation, (and a little bit of) Regulation."
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    • 08.18.09: COSIC Research Group at K.U. Leuven, Belgium. (Invited Talk)
    • 08.31.09: Agent Technology Center at Czech Technical University, Prague, Czech Republic. (Invited Talk)
    • 12.28.09: 26th Chaos Communication Congress. Berlin, Germany.